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Battle of the 'Beests

Video By : James Kydd

Location : Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Date : 2012-01-08

These two Hartebeest were having a full on go at eachother for at least 10 minutes while we watched. At the stage of this video both males were incredibly tired (you can see the tongues lolling out of their mouths) and their breathing was very laboured. Their herd was grazing in the background and seemed quite uninterested in the proceedings. We moved off shortly after this clip to allow others access, but neither male showed any sign of backing down despite both of them having been driven down on their knees at various points in their battle. We came back after about an hour and the male with the slightly darker coat had moved off some distance away fropm the herd. (On the western side of the reserve on Moloto Rd heading up to Batlhako Dam)
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