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Lions fighting over warthog kill

Video By : James Kydd

Location : Londolozi

Date : 2012-01-11

After leaving the Sparta pride sleeping near Guarri Pan at Londolozi we returned back to camp for breakfast. Two of our guests had not come on drive that morning and asked if they could venture out for a quick peek at the lions. When we arrived the pride had gone from docile cats to focused hunters: a family of warthog were approaching their resting spot. Chaos ensued as the warthogs found themselves surrounded by the pride: incredibly two warthog dodged straight through at least 5 members of the pride before the third was caught and killed in seconds, the dominant Shaws male taking the spoils while the rest of the pride scrapped over the remains. The young (adopted) Tsalala male here shows his strength by dragging prey and lion into the thicket for the ensuing food fight.
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