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Three leopards in a tree with a kill

Video By : James Kydd

Location : Londolozi

Date : 2011-12-08

Guide Brent Leo-Smith and tracker Simon Mathebula responded to vervet monkeys calling in the Sand River just East of Londolozi Tree Camp and found the Xidulu leopardess with a kill on the banks of the river. When we arrived there were three leopards up the tree, herself and her two cubs. It was still pretty dark in the pre-dawn light but as the sun rose over the reeds a magnificent scene unfolded. After both her cubs had had their fill of the bushbuck, she decided to reposition the kill. But as she pulled it out of the tree, some of the hide got caught on a tree branch. From the ground she leaped onto the carcass, tugging for all she was worth, but still it wouldn't budge. Eventually she realised she what she had to do and lifted the carcass up off the branch and then onto the ground where she has a bit more shade, and where it would be more difficult for other leopards to spot.
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