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Fish invading the land

Video By : James Kydd

Location : Londolozi

Date : 2011-11-22

We came across these catfish at Maddie's Dam, Londolozi. Possibly due to decreased oxygen levels in the water due to an algal bloom, the fish had made their way from the main body of water to the free flowing, oxygenated stream and beyond. These incredible fish have an ability to straighten their pectoral spines and keep themselves relatively upright as they jump/crawl/slide right out of the water. They also have an accessory breathing organ. These two adaptations allow them to hunt socially by herding small fish towards the shallows where they are easily caught, and even to hunt some creatures like beetles on land. In this case they are using their out-of-water abilities to survive, and may even risk venturing overland in search of a new water source.
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