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The Rumble in the Jungle

Video By : Charl Pretorius

Location : Simbambili

Date : 2008-04-08

For three days the younger male leopard (Tyson, also known as the Marthly male) had been following the older Mafufanyane, watching his every move, testing his patience, and waiting for a sign of weakness, a moment to throw down the gauntlet. Experienced leopards try to avoid fighting at all costs:instead they scent mark and roar to keep their enemies at bay. Fighting is taxing on their bodies and they need to stay in the best possible condition not only to defend their territories but to be able to hunt effectively and protect themselves. But it was clear that Tyson had his sights set on the older male's territory, which means his land, his shelter, his females and his food. On the third day Tyson made his move and what ensued was one of the most dramatic leopard fights ever witnessed by man. It soon became apparent that Tyson had underestimated his opponent, and his energy and speed were no match for Mafufanyane's wile, strength and cunning. Tyson rolled onto his back, having to defend himself for all his life was worth. The noise of the tearing flesh and sinew was heart-stopping. Both leopards were badly injured, but eventually he left the younger male to nurse his wounds. Mafufanyane would remain lord of this part of the forest for now. Filmed by guide Charl Pretorius of Lodge Consultants
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