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This diary entry took place at A sustainability conference

A man went to a sustainability conference and then went to a distant mountain to find a high cave. There was silence except for a drip at the back of the cave and the occasional movement of air under a bird’s wing. He sat with a feeling that had been eating at him. He tried to make a question of this feeling so that he may find an answer. And yet he could not find that question. Each question he asked lead to an answer that in a flash put that feeling at ease and in the next moment revived it again. He sat there being eaten alive. Boiling inside, agitated to exhaustion. 

In the days that followed a heavy shadow came over him. It stole the nourishment of food and water, and clouded the light in his eyes. The questions and answers still came and went, boring down into him. Boring through him into the rock he sat on and the earth below and then, a bird arrived. She sat at arms length from him singing for a while. It was the song that drew him away from his question. His important question. The question that would give him The answer. The answer was near, he was sure. She flew away and left him to his question.

The moon rose, with more questions, slowly that night. Now too tired to sleep the questions were finer, more subtle, and the answers took longer to come, elegant in their simplicity and yet still, they did not satiate him. The moon set and in that icy darkness there was that song. The song came and his questions went. The bird had returned to the entrance of the cave and begun warming her voice for her coming celebration of the sun. The dark silence that held her song was his. The light that warmed her song was his. As the first light of the sun reached the cave her throat was open and her song filled that resonant space. The questions were silent, begging no answer.

The man still goes to sustainability conferences. He still drives his car to a better future. Only now, he hears birdsong as he does it. What are your questions and what is your connection to nature? How does this intimacy with other life affect the way you think, the choices you make and the influence you share? 

By Peter Raimondo
Guide, Purely Wild.

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