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Let it rain! Rain dance!

This diary entry took place at Tswalu Kalahari

It was an extremely difficult month to begin with, as the lack of rain was seriously starting to take its toll on both the animals and the vegetation in the Southern Kalahari. The reserve became silent. No cricket croaked, no lion roared. It was as if one could hear only the sun’s radiant energy grabbing at what was left of the life of the trees and shrubs. The earth was barren. It began to crack and the soil bled a dirty red as our vehicles scampered along the endless roads. Animals congregated in their masses around the waterholes, quenching their thirst and curing their hunger in an area that was fast becoming dilapidated. The stars could not even be seen, as the clouds would build up in the evening, but dissipate in the early morning. Nature was at her cruellest from, but she would eventually give in, and we would all be happy for that.

On the 30th of November, the drumming of thunder in the southwest boomed, and fragments of shrub and dust danced with the wind as it swept through the Kalahari. As the bulge of the drops of rain hit the reserve, the reserve immediately began to transform. I can confidently say that within two days, that beautiful colour of green that we have all forgotten will begin to make its way through the saturated red sand.

The rain season during the start of the summer is synonymous with the fawning or lambing season. Red hartebeest and springbok lambs are already jumping and jiving around in the bush. Water gives life? In the Kalahari, water is life!

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