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Wed 12 December 15:37

Summer in the Cape..sunbirds aplenty

Mon 12 December 04:13

Great evening at the South African blog awards thanks to everyone for their amazing support

Thu 01 December 16:26

Such a warm welcome at the FGASA office

Fri 14 October 13:12

Great overhead view of right whales breaching at Cape Point

Thu 15 September 15:30

Southern Right Whales 10 metres from the boat in False Bay!

James's Uploaded Photos

Tibetan red fox



Neotropic cormorant

Six banded armadillo


Malachite fight

Dance of the moths

Gilded Sapphire

Toco Toucan

Hyacinth Macaw

Fever tree lions

White-headed buffalo weaver

Sea master - great white shark

Cape gulls in an aerial battle

Air master gull


Baboon friends

Elephant follows warthog

Elephant dust bath

Elephants into the forest

Buffalo bulls in the forest

Elephant and lion

Lion sentinel with baboon sentry

Hippo suicide

Common moorhen water runner

Yellow-billed duck takes off

Magical Bushmans Kloof

Zambezi waters

Lake in the mist

Cape wagtail hunting insects

Painted wolf

Lion cubs waiting for mom


The brave banded mongoose

Wild dog pups celebrating life above ground

Oxpecker hitches zebra lift

Rarest of wild dog pups

Grey headed gull hunting in flowers

Reed frog 2

Painted reed frog

Cambell Koppies young female leopard

Tawny eagle on lookout

Malachite kingfisher patience

Red-headed finch

Roller Silhouette

The weaver

Yellow billed hornibill

Cattle egret

The world within

Caterpillar cluster

Blue Morpho

Owl eyes

Amazonian bats

Amazon spider

One with the leaves

Amazon moth

Airborne gulls

Water shades and Cape cormorant

Sociable weaver

Suricate (meerkat)

Lion paw

Camp Pan male leopard

Dead Vlei in Sossusvlei

Ochre bull elephant in dust

Big sky

3:4 female at sunset with impala kill

Hadeda ibises

Sparta lioness hunting

Hippo bull in red algae

Little bee-eater

Bateleur eagle silhouette

Sky reflected in water at Londolozi

Female leopard hoisting an impala

Xidulu young male leopard on kill

Mxabene female leopard growling

Giraffe Sunrise

Giraffe Mosaic