Keith Connelly

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Keith's Uploaded Photos

World Beneath Him

Golden Girl

Crown Prince

Namib on High


Red Shards

Heart Stopping Beauty

Glorious Dawn

Magic Carpet

Stand Off


Dreamy Green

Unquestionable Beauty

Kalahari Dreaming

Determined Brotherhood


Drama & Majesty

Stormy Struggle


Rough Housing

Giant Lobelia

Room with a View


Golden Dream


Baby Gelada

The Fiery Heart of Africa

Staring at the Sun




Life Blood


The Guardian

Winter Hues

Pure Beauty

Fluid Lines

Hippo Cappucino

Agyle at Twilight

Timbavati Gold


Timbavati Milkyway

Hidden Terror

Motswari Dawn

Battle At Nkombi Pan

Unmistakable Beauty

Shongile the Beautiful

Glorious Kalahari

Quiver Tree Magnificence

Milkyway over Dune 50

Dusty Dawn

Kalahari Dreaming



Jacaranda by Night

Glorious Winter


Hey You


The Good Light

Drinking Lioness


Timbavati Startrail



Morning Descent

Comfortable Nook

Golden Vantage Point

Jubulent Jubatus




Keep Moving Forward

Into the Sunset

A Leap of Leopards


Leopard in Autumn Pastels

An African Scene



At his feet

Dogs in green

Lion Plains

Monochromed Lion

Groom with a view

Lazy Leopard

Happy Hour

Double Vision

Golden Boy

Leopard Light

Dazzle in a storm

Fading Bonds

Crying Foul



Jacaranda Reflections

Glorious Ntombi

Death in the long grass


lofty cub

Prodigal Son

Jacaranda Boys

Kudu Jackpot


Licking my chops


Leopard in Pastel


Queen of the North


Golden Charge

Symphonic Leopard


Twilight Cat

Low Angle Leopard




Big Skies

A secure meal

Rainy Plains

Twilight Grooming

Flying Dog

The Chase

Summer Green

A Short Life

Nocturnal Nosh

Life and Death in the land of the Lightning Bolt

Erie Vulture

Imperial Jacaranda Male

Stealthy Step

Wet and Grumpy

Rainy Day Lion

Last Light Zebra




Big Ears




Crocuta Crocuta

Mammoth Storm

Through the Darkness

Cool Customer

Hornbills Dance

Meal Time

Sunset Cat

2 Minutes Old

Dark Beauty

Ele vs Lion1

Ele vs Lion 2

Ele vs Lion3

Ele vs Lion 4

Ele vs Lion 5

A Sombre Pair

Grizzly Leopard

Curious Calf




Golden Jacaranda


Glorious Grooming

No Flies On Me

Jacaranda Male


Fiery Stripes


Lilly Muncher

Lime Milkshake

Golden Girl

Dark Thirst

Perception Reversal

Green Eyes

Explosive Silhouette

Meal Time Plaything

Captivating Shongile


Self Reflection

Double yawn


3 Eyes

Buffalo happy hour

Lion at Dusk

Snarling male lion at dusk

Lion at Dusk

Lil Rhino Guy

The Fisherman

Buff Crush

Dam Wall Yawn

Xiviti Leopard

toes in



Roar 2

Jacaranda Male

Roar 3

Mornign Yawn

Moonlit Hyena Jaunt

Dusk Coloured Lion

Golden Male

Dust Bath

Ambling Ele

Licking Leopard

Lazy Lion



Upright Leopard

Giraffe Ballet

Giraffe Ballet

Giraffe Ballet


Colourful Buffalo

Sunset Giraffe

Mfana Young Male

Shaded Steenbuck

Jacaranda Lioness

Leopard cub

Hidden Leopard

Leopard cub in bush

Beautiful Shongile leopard

Leopard leaps into tree

Leopard leaps into tree

Leopard leaps into tree

Leopard leaps into tree

Leopard leaps into tree

Leopard leaps into tree

Leopard leaps into tree

Leopard in tree

Giraffe Java Sunset

Little Leopard Man

Watching leopard on hill ridge

Lion Stare

Little Pangolin Treasure

Morning Leopard

Moon Light Elephant

Rock Fig Jnr Leopardess

Leopard and Warthog

Leopard and Warthog

Leopard and Warthog

Leopard and Warthog

Leopard and Warthog

Leopard and Warthog

Vibrant elephant

Hippo Submarine

Regal Leopard

Lounging Leopard

Leopard Lookout

Lion Lookout

Ximpoko Lion Roar

Lion Majesty

Baby Elephants Golden Charge

Drakensberg View

Giraffe Dusk

White rhino face

Buffalo Up Close

Leopard watching the world go by

Giraffe Mothering

Elephant in morning light

Hidden Leopard

For the love of Leopards

Watchful male lion

Elephant in a field of gold

Dark Days for Rhino

The Elephant Crossing

Rhinos on the edge of darkness

The impala sentinel

Dark & Stormy - bull elephant

Jet Wash - Elephant

Wild dog alpha - leader of the pack

Lion Stares through the Darkness

A female leopard rests in a tree

A grand view for a young male leopard

Large male lion searches for rivals

Lioness refuses male advances

The ultimate leopard

Baby Chameleon

Fading lion king

Mlechuaan black rhino brotherhood

A lone territorial male lion

Portrait of a queen leopard

Big yawn from leopard

Impalas leaping

Male lion owning the kill

Fresh morning leopard

Dark chanting goshawk

Savage stare of a wild dog

Waterbucks go head to head

Impala pronking interrupts waterbucks

Transfixed lioness

Leopard with kill

Wild dogs with a kill

Wild dogs get stuck into a kill

Leopard in the forest

Leopard fixated on its target

Lioness enjoying a grassy retreat

Moonrise elephant dust bath

Emperor butterfly

Leopard sits high up in the forest

Leopard takes a nap

Lioness keeps her eyes on the prize of a kill

Kruger colour

Lion cub seeks protection from a lioness


Black rhino with an egret for company

Leopard quenches its thirst

Male lion ruffling his mane

2012 last gasp

Giraffe song

Buffalo portrait

Leopard stalking

Watchful leopard

Leopard in repose

Lioness thinking

Southern pride cub stalking pride member

Nocturnal Batis

Leopard grooming

Lion with chew toy

Hyena with foot in mouth

Chameleon feeling the heat

Sunday Lunch

Hyena with spoils of war

Schotia female leopard before a Marula ascent

End of the river for rhino

Leopard in perfect pose

Exquisite beauty of ground hornbill

Leopard vantage point

Bright eyed hyena pup

The scavenger - white backed vulture

Glint of hyena eye

Snoozing leopard

Twilight female leopard silhouette

Leopard hang time

Hyena at kudu rib shack

Leopard at sunset

A grand view for a leopard

Lioness resting after her fill

Elephant bull on collision course

Lion finding the last buffalo morsel

Shy guy - black rhino

Lion cub siblings

The wild dog minder

Wild dog on the move

Female leopard panting heavily

Supreme killer - wild dog

Lion standing alone

Wild dog hunter

Leopard nap time

Chilling leopard

Comfy leopard

Young southern pride cub scratches

Fiery Heron

Leopard strength

The opportunistic hyena

Buffalo killed by lions in the Mlechuaan

The leopard huntress

Elephant crossing

Southern pride lion covered in blood

Buffalo in burning glare

Lion face in half light

Shadow hunter leopard

Southern pride lion cub tries some independence

Kruger Madoda - lion portrait

Midnight impala meal for leopard

Sand river lion cub

Kruger lion portrait

Young leopard cub sought shelter

Leopard cub looking for Mom

Grumpy buffalo

Lion on the banks of the Sabie River

The Last Lioness

Elusive leopard

Autumnal Leopard

Leopard view to a kill

Lion engorged

The lion feast

Martial Eagle

The fire behind the lion

Beneath the feet of an elephant

Thutlwa sunset on giraffe

Rhinos - a dwindling few....

Afternoon stroll for big male lion

Lion nail biter

Bathed by African soil

Lioness showing her displeasure

Elephants head into golden light

Lion laps it up

Cape Cobra

Zebra with beautiful stare

Giraffe sunset

Mantwane lion

Lion golden boy

Lion looks across the golden plains

Perigee Elephant

Elephant digging deep

Lion feeds after storm

Lioness showing flehmen response

Waterbuck in awesome light

Young hyena pup

Giant eagle owl in daylight

Hippo with back-up

Lion brothers

Rainy Sunset

Maretwa male lion

Elephant with poo on head

Elephant with poo on head

Cloudy Kudu

Lioness in the long grass

Young lion scents the air

Giraffe into The Blue

Two black rhino bulls

Iconic Africa

Giraffe silhouette

Got my eye on you says lion cub

Dark times for rhinos

Jungle gym lion cub

Rhino on the brink

Lion under cloudy skies

Memorable elephant sunset

Golden elephant

Sub adult lioness

Shady hook lip of black rhino

Colours Over Ostrich Flats

Painted Dog

Little impala lamb

Paternal lion with cub

Lioness vantage Point

Isolated Cub

Waterbuck Sundowner

Patriarch lion

Zebra quenching thirst

Little warrior lion cub

Golden eye lion

Eastern Cape Sunset

Lion tenderness

Spotted eagle-owl

Lion locked on

Golden lion

Lion cub waiting for dinner

Lovely lashes on elephant

Mirror Mirror on the lion

Dark n twisted elephant

Regal lion cub

Orange Dusk

Golden lion gaze

Big mouthful for rhino

Misty Ngonyama lion

Lion on scraps

Wide awake lion

Low angle lion stare

Male lion interrupted..

Male lion casting a gaze

Lion in deep thought...

Crown of impala horns

Lion male walks by

Giraffe with ocean view

Lioness snoozes

Lion tries 1000 yard stare

Brownhooded kingfisher