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Tue 07 May 10:42

6 Weeks to Zam & Bots...too keen!

Wed 27 February 17:13

Off to Tala Valley tomorrow, and may just pay the Natal Midlands a sneaky visit on Sunday... come on Kwazulu Natal!

Wed 14 November 12:28

Back in the Hari come Friday...but leave has been super!

Thu 16 February 13:28

Heeeels teeth its cooking out here today!!!!

Tue 06 September 07:02

Great site James! Posts and links to follow. Happy days

Adrian' Diary Entries

Brett Du Bois (10/03/1987 – 07/03/2013)

Brett Du Bois (10/03/1987 – 07/03/2013)

Date Published : 08-03-2013

Occurence Date : 2013-03-08

A legend leaves us. “Adrian, Brett’s gone…” were the words given to me by a very close friend on Wednesday evening. I think to myself, “Brett can’t die, he ... read more

The Africa Bug

The Africa Bug

Date Published : 28-02-2013

Occurence Date : 2008-08-29

"Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is worst of all" Brian Jackman. The Africa bug. All avid Safari enthusiasts and veteran Safari goers alike speak of the Africa bug. Once you have been ... read more

The nature of things

The nature of things

Date Published : 19-11-2012

Occurence Date : 2012-11-14

I am sure that the thought has crossed many a guide’s mind as to why he or she is out here. It is in our nature to ponder on this…it is in our nature to sometimes think of what we may be ... read more

A day of reflection

A day of reflection

Date Published : 09-10-2012

Occurence Date : 2012-05-30

On this day three years ago, I drove into the Kalahari in a Ford Bantam single pick-up loaded to the hilt. One times fridge, two times light old blue university trunks packed with pots and pans and ... read more

A day in the life of a Kalahari guide

A day in the life of a Kalahari guide

Date Published : 19-02-2012

Occurence Date : 2009-11-17

I wrote this some time ago and even to date I feel that this entry pretty much somes up what it is that we guides do, everyday, seven days a week...for 6 to 8 weeks and sometimes up to 12 at a ... read more