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Thu 16 May 14:25

Think it is about time i got my Ranger Diaries account going!

" Think it is about time i got my Ranger Diaries account going! ..."

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Real Game Rangers DO Cry!

Having started out my debut blog post on Africa Geographic in a tiara, it wasn't hard to come up with a topic that would lead to less ridicule than that; but that ... read more

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Guiding History

2007 - present: Motswari Private Game Lodge, Timbavati Private Game Reserve

After doing a years Game Lodge Management course through Allenby, i decided to study for a while longer, and completed my BSc (Honours) in Geography and Environmental Management before deciding that i liked taking photos more than i liked reading textbooks, so i decided to go and work in the bush for a year of my life; that was in 2007...... Needless to say i am still in the bush, and still prefer taking photos to reading textbooks! I have really grown to enjoy being in the bush on a daily basis, and strangely, i have chosen to remain at the same lodge for all these years - Motswari in the Timbavati. I know I am very fortunate to have found wonderful lodge such as this, and that makes leaving it very difficult! The great thing about having spent so much time in one area is being able to follow the animals over all the years, and go through all the ups and downs, the changes and the surprise

Guiding Qualification

Certificate in Game Ranging and Lodge Management - 2002 BSc in Geography and Environmental Management - 2005 BSc (Honours) in Geography - 2006 MSc Environmental Management - 2010-til present FGASA Level 1 - 2007 Full Trails Guide

Special Fields Of Interest

Don't know if beer and wine count? I know it is cliched, but i love the big cats, and have spent many years following the large predators of the Timbavati Photography is also one of my passions and major interests whilst out in the bush