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TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE: Walking safaris through the eyes of a guide

How can you explain that you need to know that the more

The Leopards of Lord Shembe

This is a story of hope. The leopard was close. W more

Tswalu Day 4: the Sociable Weaver Nest

Another perfect day with another three highlights. more

Day 3 at Tswalu: Springtime

Three highlights stood out amongst an outstanding more

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Desert Adapted Lions

We were extremely excited when we discovered track more

Skeleton Coast Brown Hyena

On hearing that a local researcher was monitoring more

Western Lowland Gorillas

Unlike its cousin the Mountain Gorilla of central more

Lions on an elephant carcass

Our decision to rise early on this particular morn more

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There is always so much to think about when return more

Little Crake Lifer!

This Little Crake is causing a flutter in the bird more

Management Madness Continues!

Still in the delta, one of the more frequently enc more

The Lighter Side of Guiding continues...

My previous story about our time at Ngala, particu more

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The Ghosts of Stevenson-Hamilton

I would guess that for most guides that have chose more

Elephants by Perigee Moon

Elephants by Perigee Moon “For the person f more

Civilisation..De-Evolved - Rhino Poaching

RHINO POACHING!!......... the two words have the b more

Murder Most Foul

We have all heard the stories, told the stories &a more

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Black and White Rhino fighting...on a walk!

Viewing  animals whilst on foot is one of the more

Sunset Kill

It was late afternoon and we were sitting watching more

Right Place Right Time

I was up in the mountains in the north of Kwandwe& more

Lions Chase Cheetah

About 45 minutes into our game drive, we came acro more

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Wild Dogs Welcomed to the Southern Kalahari

Tswalo Desert Reserve has recently released 12 Wil more

A creature called the Ietermagog

Not too long ago I had shared a post on an enigmat more

Birding paradise in Botswana

Having just come back from a four day birding phot more

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Honey badger kills and feeds on Porcupine

The spoils of victory. The excitement of spotting more

The secret of a mother

In October I discovered this epauletted fruit-bat more

Feasting like Kings

Sunday morning, Caz came racing in the gate and I more

Reptile Battle in the Bushveld

Battle in the BushveldA Turner's Thick-toed Gecko more

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Curiosity Ends in Fatality

Sighting occurred on Madikwe Game Reserve while wo more

Mundane Activities Can Lead to Great Sightings

Living on a wildlife reserve in one of Africa&rsqu more

Lions Kill Wild Dog Pups

A while ago, while our large pack of wild dogs was more

The Hyenas, The Kudu, and the Leopard

Every guide has a passion for the bush and a love more

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A wet dog smells

There are two considerations for a wildlife photog more

A dry joke

I have been lucky enough to have been up to the Se more

Better the devil you can see

One of the easiest ways to find any predator is j more


For years elephants were my favorite animal, follo more