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15 days in Kenya

This diary entry took place at AFRICA

When I awoke, there was a pale light illuminating the tent. It would soon be dawn. Outside, towering in the shadows, as if waiting, was Kilimanjaro.

That night I had photographed an electrical storm which lit up its silhouette dramatically. Above, a canopy of stars complemented an absolutely stunning landscape. From time to time, gusts of warm wind whipped up the campfire scattering flickering and golden embers all around. It was the perfect moment for writing the names of those in the earth who could not be with me for one reason or another. I was in the Amboseli National Park, a paradise where each night the Masai protected the camp and lit a fire. Whilst I was sleeping, a heavy snowfall had settled on the peak of the mountain.

 As soon as I opened the zip on the tent that morning, I encountered my present. It was twenty to six. The day was just starting to come to life with the shrill, lulling and soaring sounds and an orange sun promised a marvellous day ahead. My present was changing colour moment by moment. Small whimsical clouds wafted across its top at the mercy of the wind. It made me think of those crystal balls that come to life like a snowstorm when shaken. Kilimanjaro snow, freshly made for my breakfast.

 Later, as we followed the winding road and my eyes eagerly devoured the landscape, my emotions took hold on me. It was as if suddenly all the illusions and feelings of this trip pounced on me at once. It was impossible to hold back the flood of emotions after years of waiting, working and wishing... the tears came like torrential rain and nourished the earth, the trees and the elephants that I had photographed the day before. That was when I truly realised for the first time that I was in Africa, the land I had fallen so in love with. I even felt happy crying as the country turned into an impressionist and watercolour masterpiece before my eyes.

At that point, I had no idea that only moments later I would take the photo which would appear on the front cover of the National Geographic Viajes magazine just a few months later.

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