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Little Crake Lifer!

This diary entry took place at Silvermine Wetland, Cape Town

This Little Crake is causing a flutter in the birding community throughout South Africa - for the first time ever, it's been spotted south of the equator!  I spent this morning at the Silvermine Wetland, just round the corner from where we live, taking endless photos, and just watching.  A small crowd of camera-weilding, bino-toting birders were at the scene, and I chatted to some who'd flown down specifically from Joburg the previous night, just to come and see it!  Wow - such excitement.  

This bird is common in Europe.  During summer in Africa, it's often seen in Ethiopia, western Sudan, Egypt, and one or two other places like Kenya, becoming more rare the further south.  So you can see what I mean when I say it's causing a stir!  First time EVER south of the equator... and lucky me - right on my doorstep!

It was first spotted just over a week ago, and I wonder how long it will remain here.  Unbelievable.  As I watched, it fed constantly on the abundance of dragonfly larvae, hopping up onto branches and giving us all a great view of its wonderfully elongated feet.  Most obliging too - very relaxed, out in the open, obviously couldn't care less about the excitement going on around it!

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