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Lee Whittam

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Mundane Activities Can Lead to Great Sightings

Living on a wildlife reserve in one of Africa’s most beautiful countries has many upsides. We wake most mornings to the sound of lions roaring and have braais listening to nightjars serenade cicadas while honey badgers try the get into the kitchen or our bins and our sometimes chilled brandy and cokes are often the best sleeping medicine. The more mundane aspects include not being able to go running wherever one wants, (unless you want to dodge ellies and buffalo or be chased up a tree by lions), and having to do things like staff.... read more

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This video is a short clip of a female cheetah and her cub just as they have caught an impala lamb. The cub is then allo... read more

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Brett Wallington

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Honey badger kills and feeds on Porcupine

The spoils of victory. The excitement of spotting your first leopard and the thrill of being part of a pride of lions bringing down their prey, usually overshadow the smaller more secretive members of our bushveld society that are only seen for a fleeting moment before scuttling off to hide in the thickets nearby. Secretive animals by nature, the honey badger and the porcupine are mammals rarely seen acting out their survival rituals and so much is still to be learned about their habits. Early one cold winter’s morning, as we bumbled along a.... read more

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Tristan Dicks