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Andrew Schoeman

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Skeleton Coast Brown Hyena

On hearing that a local researcher was monitoring a den site of the rarely seen brown hyena, we jumped at the chance to accompany her one morning on foot to the den site located on a low ridge of hills. These hyena are seldom seen under any circumstances, so this was a once in a lifetime sighting. We set out on foot from the vehicle and about fifteen minutes later we stood in between two low hills looking up at the far slope. We could see the hyena lying at the mouth of its den. We approached slowly and eventually we were sitting.... read more

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This video is a short clip of a female cheetah and her cub just as they have caught an impala lamb. The cub is then allo... read more

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Keith Connelly

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A wet dog smells

There are two considerations for a wildlife photographer when out looking for subjects to photograph: the species to photograph and the quality of the sighting. One of our jobs as photographic guides is to go out and find when these two factors are perfectly in sync to produce amazing images for our guests to photograph. For example, most photographers are willing to spend an over cast afternoon sitting in thick bush waiting to photograph a leopard. In complete contrast if a herd of impala is not in the open and in good light is it worth while waiting for the light to change or the herd to.... read more

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Daryl Dell