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Of Whale Watching and the Benefits of Smoking

Words by Colin Souness Photography by Nicky Silberbauer Cetaceans - whales and dolphins - are amongst the most intelligent creatures on Earth, and at the top of the pile are Orca, otherwise known as 'Killer Whales'. Orca are so intelligent that they appear to recognise themselves, as self-aware individuals, in a mirror. Very few creatures in the animal kingdom can boast as much, and I'm sure there are even those amongst us humans who might fail on that front after a particularly heavy Saturday night out! Being so intelligent Orca are also.... read more

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We detected a silhouette under a bush in the Moremi Game Reserve. On closer inspecton we found a medium sized African ro... read more

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Ngorongoro Serval

On most African safaris, it’s often the larger and better-known cats that draw one’s attention.  Occasionally though, a relatively scarce and seldom-seen feline steals the show. Just after first light one morning on the misty Ngorongoro Crater floor, we noticed a serval walking along the track towards us.  Generally, they prefer areas with longer grass, which is one reason why they’re so tricky to see.  This one carried on straight towards us and paused just a few metres from our vehicle, before moving into the long grass.  Suddenly, it launched into an arching.... read more

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