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Deschuymere Carole

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A curious cheetah

We had stopped to watch a pair of cheetah, and their intended path took them to within a few metres of where we sat.  Suddenly, and much to our surprise, the male cheetah veered towards us and jumped up onto the bonnet of our Land Cruiser!  Once we’d recovered from the initial shock, we enjoyed some spectacularly close up views of this inquisitive young male.  He gave the vehicle a thorough going-over, chewing and sniffing it, keeping us enthralled.  This isn’t typical behaviour, and just like humans, a cheetah’s personality is a mix of boldness, curiosity and.... read more

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This video is a short clip of a female cheetah and her cub just as they have caught an impala lamb. The cub is then allo... read more

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Brett Wallington

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Ngorongoro Serval

On most African safaris, it’s often the larger and better-known cats that draw one’s attention.  Occasionally though, a relatively scarce and seldom-seen feline steals the show. Just after first light one morning on the misty Ngorongoro Crater floor, we noticed a serval walking along the track towards us.  Generally, they prefer areas with longer grass, which is one reason why they’re so tricky to see.  This one carried on straight towards us and paused just a few metres from our vehicle, before moving into the long grass.  Suddenly, it launched into an arching.... read more

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Kyle Ansell